Dead Last we are...

but who cares! We had a ball anyway. Joan, Laura & Abby, me and Tamra.

A friend of mine from work -Tamra- organized a 5K run/walk today in beautiful Calico Rock on the White River. Two others and I from work went and participated and although we were dead last we had a fun time and enjoyed seeing Calico more up close. What a cool, old, quaint little town. Check it out if you in the Ozarks.

Meantime in my town of Ash Flat, there was a festival going on - the annual Eaglefest. Of course I was starving after walking 3.1 miles (DUH, that is a given), so I swung by the Eaglefest and had myself a homemade burrito and lemonade AND two - that is right I said two pieces of prize winning pies!!! i had two friends with first place pies. What's a girl to do???!!! Karla's brandy pecan won grand champion and Beth's Apple won 1st. YUM-O does not even begin to describe these flaky, fruity, liqueury, delicacies! I'm so proud of those girls on their prize winning pies. All-in-all a great day of fall festivities (even though it's burning up hot!).

Although I'm a Spring girl myself, I do love a little fall festival action!

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