This ---------> {click here to go to the ultra groovy site} is about the greatest website for inspiration and just all around cool chicks (and I think there are a few dudes on there too!) I've found.

If you have not checked out SIStv, go now! Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just go. You must also check this -------------------> {SIS Boutique} out. Just launched today! Talk about some eYe CanDy! Whoa.

On a sadder note, a member of our family has left us today...Amy's old horse - Jet passed away today and we are all very sad about it. We knew it was going to happen as he was old and not looking real great, but it is never easy to let a part of your family go whether person, dog, cat, bird or horse. He was a fantastic horse who taught a lot of kids and adults how to ride and rope. He will be missed and always have a place in our hearts and pasture! :)

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