Halloween is creeeeeeping up

Spiders and webs are icons of Halloween. This furry little guy was spinning away on our round pen behind the house. His web was gorgeous and I wish I could have captured a better picture of it. It is fascinating to me how artistic a spider is with their web canvas.

Halloween is only several days away. I know Halloween is not a Christian holiday, and there are some who make it dark and "devilish." I say make it what you want! I enjoy the fall feeling and festivities that go along with the occasion and therefore I enjoy Halloween. It's not like the celebration of Jesus' birth at Christmas or resurrection at Easter; it is a different kind of celebration. I celebration of the changing season and a time when everyone can dress up and be a kid!

Today is simply: AWESOME! The weather is perfect and I have felt so blessed and thankful the last few days with fall splendor coming on and the weather we have experienced. The Lord is Good!

Perfect day for the 4H activities happening in the park at Hardy. Flag Football, tricycle race, games and crafts. I will be snapping photos! Looking forward to it and hope we have a good turnout of kids. 2008 is the Centennial for 4H and Nancy got us (Alex & Me) this cool t-shirt which I will be sporting today!

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