And the winner is....

Country Text or cntry txt!

I just kept coming back to that after KimM suggested "txting cntry style". I simply shortened it a little.

I also liked Nature's Text and Surprise Text from Allison was clever.

Others that were in the running:
  • o my word by Caro - loved this one from the get go & I'm still wavering back and forth with this and the text name.
  • Found Font by Judean, and
  • Nature's Alphabet by Brandi.
thanks for all the awesome suggestions!
I truly appreciate it.

I hope to have something up and running in the next couple of weeks.
Meantime, I will be getting you a RAK Ms. Kim!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging!
I leave you dear blog with some photos from the week
My brother and his trusty steed, Whiskers

some awesome and huge toadstools
that popped up in the grass
at work last week.
They were so fun looking!

Here is what the sky looked like this evening!
Holy cow it was awesome
and everything had a pink glow outside.
God is truly the best artist!

Hope you had a blessed weekend...again I appreciate everyone who participated in my first ever blog/contest/RAK/giveaway thingamajig.

Here's to Monday!


KimM said...

awesome photos!!! It would be so hard to choose...all of those names are great!!

jeanie oliver said...

hey there,
love the pics-your nature alphabet has me looking everywhere on my walks for letters-as always, I get great ideas from you.

Judy said...

OMG! I can't believe that my name didn't even make it to the top THREE!!! I guess I won't even get to drink water!!! LOL

I still love you Prend! :)