one of my most fave days!
a day of
refueling my faith.
a day of
catching up and
taking a breath
before beginning another

today was no different.

I did get some work done
for my Fall Success class.
I am looking forward
to changing things up
a bit.
and looking at teaching the class
from a new perspective.

a photo I took earlier this week
zinnias + butterflies = beauty!

In other, scrappy news - I am so excited to report that I submitted some layouts to an open design team call for this blog challenge site: Scrapstars a few weeks ago. I have never, ever submitted any of my layouts for anything other than the local county fair mind you so just getting the nerve up enough to submit was huge for me!

Well, I did not get selected for the design team...which I honestly never expected anyway. However, I am really super-duper excited that I will be a guest designer for them in the near future.
How flattering is that?
I'll answer that...it is
incredibly flattering!
I just got the email this afternoon.

I'm really happy
because total rejection
just plain sucks
in my book.

over & out....


Kate said...

Awesome job on the GDT!! Beautiful photo too!

Lucy said...

What a fantastic photo. How cool to be a guest designer!

Sasha said...

Ms. Guest Designer that's wassup boo bear .. how you feeling today .. LOVE that photo of that butterfly .. just juicy ..

Have a Happy Wednesday sweets

MandieGirl said...

COngrats! I agree with total rejection sucking. Totally.