new venture and a RAK

I'm so incredibly excited at the thought of a possible "side" venture in photography.

Several of my blog readers probably know that I have a collection of B&W letters that I have taken from nature or cowboy/country/farm items. Although I cannot take credit for originally thinking of this idea, as there are a plethora of places online that one can order these from, I have been trying to do something a little different from the ones I've seen.

For close to a year now, I have been collecting letters with my camera lens, and I have given some of these framed items as gifts and giveaways, but in the back of my mind and in my prayers I have wondered about the possibility of turning this into some kind of side business.

After making this layout for a challenge on TAIF,and posting it in my gallery over at SIStv one of my fave "SISters" over there - KimM - asked about buying a whole set of my letters to put up in her kindergarten classroom!

How cool is that????!!!!

I can answer that...it is WAY cool!

She has been so sweet and encouraging to me throughout the process back and forth over email and because of her enthusiasm - I really think I will get serious and actually set something up to sell these photos.

I really have been praying about something I could do with my photography and I truly feel like Kim has been the source of an answer...I know, I'm getting all deep, but it is so weird sometimes how God can work through others.

I must say my friends and family have been encouraging me all along and I don't want to take anything away from them, but when someone else who doesn't really have a vested interest in my life is so kind and positive to me it just grabbed my attention!

Now, I need everyone's help!

I need a clever name for my "business" - my plan right now is to set up an Etsy shop and see how that goes. So I need something about letters/alphabet/words and nature/country...etc.... something like "farm font" or another cute catchy name!

Please leave me a comment on this post with your ideas - as many as you have - and I will award a RAK (random act of kindness) if I use your idea.
You can guess what the RAK will be, right!? ;)


MandieGirl said...

Wow...I'm stumped. I'll keep you in mind, though! :) I am always motivated by a prize! ;)

Becki said...

"The Country Type" (type a double entendre meaning both type of people and type as in fonts :D)

The Natural Type

Fonts from Nature

Letters from The Country

Letters from nature

Letters by nature

caro said...

this is such an amazing idea - I too, am crazy about words,fonts and particularly creative, unique businesses like yours....



"au naturelletre" (huh?)

omyword (Oh, my word)

What fun, please keep me updated!

Judy said...

Hi Prend!

I just put my Letters of Love up in my new office! That is how I think of them so that is the name I would like to submit:

Letters of Love

If you don't choose mine - don't worry I'll be fine - I will just drink water! LOL

Your Prend Judy

kristina k said...

I don't have any ideas but wanted to wish you luck. :) I think it's an outstanding idea!!

judean said...

I love that LO, and I love the idea of using the photos in a classroom...I'm a science teacher, and a set of nature themed photos like that would be super!
How about...
Nature Script
Found Font

I'll keep thinking!

Lynne said...

Will you post a link to your etsy post when you go head and do this? I'd love to see what you've come up with...I don't have any good name ideas, but I really like the one that 'Caro' came up with...the omyword one. That's pretty clever and cool!

Amy said...

I am soooo excited for you, but I will leave the creativity to the scrappers who read. Well, I may ask Cody and if he comes up with something cleaver I will let ya know. However, you know I am of no assistance in this department. Love ya,

KimM said...

I'm so excited for you!!! and I'm thankful God used me:) I know you're going to do well with this! so many wonderful names already. here's a few more (not sure how wonderful though)

Found Fonts
txting cntry style
outdoor txt
Nature's Letters
Country Spell (country spelling)

I wish you the best of luck with this and I can't wait to hang them up in my classroom! I bet you'll have a few orders after everyone sees them:)

Karla Rush said...

Hi Kim. You are so talented. Your word art is so unique and personable compared to similar concepts. How about Photo Prose or WordART? Letters of Life or Judy's suggestion is good too. You have lots of fans, no matter what name you choose....KMA

Anonymous said...

Well, all of those sound good. I was trying to think of something short & sweet but no luck. Here's mine - "ABC's by Mother Nature & Kim"
Sure am proud of you. YOU ARE SO TALENTED. Love, Aunt Joyce

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, what ever venture you take. God blessed you with such talent (you sure didn't get it from your mom) and he blessed me with a wonderful daughter. I just bought a computer and got on line just so I could read your blog, of course without you I couldn't even turn it on. I'm still thinking, I will get back with you later when I have a big "brain storm". Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim what about Natures Alphabet? See ya Brandi C

allison said...

i think that unexpected text or surprise text would be cute

Carol said...

Great suggestions above! Love your letters! How about:

(he)art text
natural (he)art text
country-sytle (he)art text

Just incorporate your current name into the new venture to sort of link them together. Carol

Anonymous said...

text by nature
text pics
hope Im not too late but I just thought of a few