I have been a total and complete slacker on my Daily Blessings! I do have several that I have not photographed and posted, but I will admit I did not do them last week or weekend with our busy fair schedule.

I am not going to fret though. Doing these "daily" crafty projects are not meant to be stressful whatsoever, in fact my hopes are that they will destress me a little. Just because I have not done them does not mean I feel any less blessed in my life.

I will share a few photos of my Uncle Robert and Jacob - my youngest cousin. (he and Joe, his Big Bro are pictured here during the fair after Joe won the talent show for his division...he does Elvis!)

I took these one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago at Mom's after church.
I love photographing this kid!

Prayers for Mom please - she has a doctor's appt in the AM for a test.
Also prayers for my HS friend Donna's little girl Riley. They discovered a tumor the size of a cantaloupe on her kidney which was thankfully contained and removed, but she is in massive pain and needs lots of prayers lifted.


Kate said...

LOVE the pics...sending prayers your way :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim - that picture of Jacob kissing Robert is just adorable!! :)

Oh by the way - what was the name of that website that you were telling me about today!! LOL

Your Prend!

Mandi said...

what sweet picture, dear!

jeanie oliver said...

hi there, the pics are great-I am getting all geared up to scrapbook once fall gets here and I can't garden. I've decided that I am a winter scrapper. I've been picking up papers and supplies everywhere. I brought home some of my organizers from school that nobody wanted so I can get everything put together. I got a set of scissors -also I saved my jjill, coldwater creek and anthropologie catalogs because they have great little sayings in them. I also bought a book of poems to cut up at a yardsale. I'm workin' on it. I may be one of those people that likes collecting all the stuff as much as I do scrapping!!
NYC was great-I have some stuff about the trip on

Lu said...

love the pics. beautiful.