examples .... and still taking suggestions through Saturday!

just thought I would post a couple of samples other than the "i" from the layout on my last post.

I have actually done the COWBOY in a frame for my Dad & stepmom for Christmas and as a giveaway for a fundraiser.
The NATURE is something I just put together as a sample.

I love the idea of doing last names for a family room; or maybe some of the inspirational words that are popular right now. {Think "live, laugh, love" or "Inspire", "Faith", there are so many possibilities.}

Everyone has come up with some awesome suggestions...I will have a hard time choosing. I really like the suggested names using the word "text" - it sounds modern and catchy.
Please keep leaving comments with suggestions...I'm going to leave this open until Saturday night.

Oh, I have ordered Kim's alphabet for her classroom and she is planning to take a photo of them once they are up...I cannot wait to see it!


Lynne said...

After getting that CHS notification from Brad Ratliff about Riley Townsell, I realized that the friend you mentioned in your earlier post is Donna Sossamon. That's got to be very tough for everyone; I'll keep them in my prayers.

Gina said...

How about Textual Style or Organically Textual or Organic Text?