County's Finest

After three years of Alex
and her friend Leighann
being in the Sharp County's Finest
or Best of Best, they finally won!
Alex was so excited.
It was a goal she had set for herself.
For those who don't know how it works, they take the winners from Senior Showmanship in cattle, goats, swine, and sheep and they pick a junior helper. They have to take the four animals (not their own, they are assigned) and prepare them to show, show them and have knowledge of each species.
This year they didn't have any senior sheep showmen, so they only showed three of the four.
The really cool part is that this is Leighann's last year as a junior so this would have been the last time they could win together as a team.

Very proud of this and Alex's other accomplishments.

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Karla Rush said...

Congratulations Alex and to the proud parents, Kim and James....it's not likely a young lady could dream so big and be so successful without the support of a great family!