25 random things

Okay, so I have been tagged about a bazillion times to do the 25 random things on Facebook.
Decided I would post it here on the old blog too.
  1. I am named after my Mom's favorite movie star when she was a girl: Kim Novak.
  2. If I would have been a boy, I would be Jim Ed. Can you say "redneck?" I would have been okay with it though because number 1, I would be honored to be named after my grandfather (Jim) and Dad (Ed), and number 2, I can get pretty redneck at times!
  3. I don't bite my nails, but I have a horrible cuticle habit.
  4. I have a mad obsession with Taco Bell mild sauce. Always have...always will.
  5. I won a live pig one time by catching it while it was greased.
  6. I love video games and become a little crazed with "getting to the next level".
  7. I use ellipses ...way....too...much....
  8. I move my mouth to the words I'm typing and there is a rumor that I move my mouth to what I just said after I just said it.
  9. I am a Christian - not really random, just real truth!
  10. Ideal vacation is being on the beach with no agenda, schedule, watch or phone!
  11. I sew - pretty well too, but my machine is jacked up right now. :(
  12. I am totally and completely afraid of mice....like I cannot sleep if I see one.
  13. Speaking of sleep: I sleep with my head completely under the covers.
  14. I hum constantly...people mistake it sometimes for a good mood, but really I am just humming and don't realize it.
  15. I love my stepchildren just like they were my own.
  16. My favorite font is Century Gothic.
  17. My mom is my hero.
  18. I love love love to take pictures but hate seeing my own picture. ugh.
  19. I don't really keep up with movies or even watch too many, but I have a new found obsession with Coraline which began today. I WILL go see this movie in a theater.
  20. I do not like talking on the phone and get easily distracted.
  21. I am thankful for my parents for instilling in me the value of a good, solid work ethic.
  22. I laugh a lot and cry a lot....sometimes at the same time!
  23. I never pay full price for clothes and it absolutely thrills me to get a "good deal."
  24. #24 was my number when I played basketball - just like U.S. Reed - Arkansas Razorback bball player who made a 50 foot shot to win a game at the NCAA tourney in Austin, Texas. I was there and got his autograph before the game. Always thought it was my lucky number, therefore I'm only posting 24 random things.
I am now tagging anyone else who might happen upon this and feel the need to get 25 random things off your chest.

I will go further and challenge you to post one random thing about yourself in a comment to this post.


MandieGirl said...

Wish we were closer- I have 2 sewing machines that I don't even know how to use!!! I'm with you on #23!!!

Jann Gray said...

Kim...love the new blog topper...and had fun reading your 24 random things....

My random thing? I never do these -- but you have inspired me to try!

Anonymous said...

my hubby's fav font is that one too. lol nice to know you better I jsut did this on my blog before I went to my RSS feed to read others.. LOL

danilouwho said...

I know, I got tagged with this too a bunch of times! I'm starting to think notes are taking over facebook! :P

ncwdust said...

How's this for a random item...

I know how to skin and cook a gar ( you know, the fish)