Happy Trails

It all began a little over three years ago and this phrase was one of the first pieces of advice I remember him giving us. Dr. Dusty R. Johnston - our new president.
The cowboy.
The Texan.
The leader.
One of us.

Now gone back home to his great state of Texas.
Very happy indeed for him and his family.
His new college home will soon come to know the stories & the style.

We have been fortunate to have him.
I think he has been fortunate to have us too.
Friday was his last day at work and there was a small "cookies & punch" send-off.
Nancy suggested we all wear the Dusty Johnston uniform: white (or other plain,no nonsense) button down shirt, jeans, boots, & hat because "imitation is the highest form of flattery."
I do think he was flattered.

I carried extra hats for those who might not have a hat to wear.
We have extra hats at my house.
It's just how we are.
That "Peruvian" as she called herself in this picture is Tina.
She will be leading us as the interim president from now until we find someone new to take us on.
She will do a great job, I have no doubt about it.

Those other two clowns are Rick & Ronny, our Physical Plant guys.
I think Ronny looks quite natural in his hat...Rick....not so much. He's more of a baseball cap kind of guy.
Tina had a little gathering in Dr. J's honor at her home last night.
Dr J & his son Jerod had fun telling stories on each other!
Instead of buying a "going away" gift, we put together a scrapbook for Dr. J.
I truly think he loved it!
It is full of all things that scrapbooks should be full of: memories, pictures, stories, pretty paper & embellishments!
He'll enjoy looking through it over & over. I did as I was putting it together!
I'm adding to my bucket list that someday those I have worked with will spend the time & energy on a scrapbook for me. What a fantastic gift!

More shots from the evening:

Nancy & JoanAdam & Michelle
A sickly Fred and Karla.
Sweet Joan again.
and Scott and Amy. Scott is taking a picture of me taking his picture!
I truly wish the best for Dr. J and his new endeavor.
Three years is not a long time, but he has left a lasting impression on us all.

Let a new era begin...


Lynne said...

So where's you in your hat?

Anonymous said...

LOL Lynne, and I love that cake, too cool!

oh and talk about confusion? we might not want to ever go on a long trip together, we'd end up going in circles, LOL

*kim* said...

sorry to disappoint girls...didn't get my hat picture taken...you know, always the one with camera!

actually, my friend Karla gave me a swell remote that I really need to start using during these events.

I was pretty fly in my hat though! :)

Al-Ozarka said...

Great tribute, Kim! We will miss the good Doctor!