Greatest Monday

Something lifted me today.
I know what or should I say Who it was.
My heart has been heavy lately.
I get this way during the dead of winter.
Then with all the ice, cold and craziness that came with it, I've just been in a funk.

After a wonderful Sunday school lesson yesterday about persistence in praying I felt the need to keep the lines of communication open today with God.
It worked people!
I had a great little talk with Him this morning on my way to work, and kept the conversation going all day.
What a novel idea! It's no big secret or new thing, it's just simple praying.
No fancy prayer language and no structure, just a talk with a best friend.

I was determined this day would be a great day:
That I would be productive.
That I would be a beacon of light to others.
That I would fight back ugly thoughts.
That I would think before speaking (okay so I failed on this one).
I think I will try this tomorrow.
If it works on Monday (typically a cruddy day), just think how great Tuesday will be!

Try it for yourself,
Sincere, persistent prayer.

The weather and sunshine also helped as a mood elevator today.
I've officially got it: Spring Fever!
Love looking forward to it - makes me somewhat giddy!

To top off the day I got this in the mail:

Ordered it from the SIS Boutique and am reveling in it's marvel!
The name of the kit is Winter Detox and let me tell you it definitely will make you forget the winter blahs!

Highly recommended!
And what a great way to top off an already good Monday.

Bring on Tuesday - I'm ready for it!


MandieGirl said...

So happy for you! I'm glad you had a great day, and jealous, I mean happy, that you got your kit! :) It looks delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on your kit and i couldn't agree more about those talks with God. I have a few today myself... only way to get through some days yk?

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great post....
i am so with you.

and i cant wait to see what you create with your new kit