Country Text

so I took down my Country Text Etsy widget for a while.
It seemed a little outdated, what with the holiday JOY stuff still up.

I had actually planned to spread some LOVE for Valentine's Day, but it really just "snuck" up on me and I didn't get it done.

I have some other ideas for new stuff floating around my head for Country Text, but for now it will just be idle and quiet.

I was very happy with how things went for Christmas and hope to expand on that next year as well as holidays in between.

I thank all my friends & family for supporting my efforts and encouraging my work both past, present and future!


Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments at AI, I am not so alone, but I was confused by someting and wanted to clarify, you said Please note my picks!?

did you blog or something and I missed it? I need direction.


Hey there!!

Great posts.. I've been away from the blog word for bit, but I'm back!!
Love the new puppie pics and y our layouts. can't wait to see what you decide to make for your Etsy.
HAve a good week.