weekend recap

Wow I'm posting two days in a row. go me!
Twas a good weekend.
Mom & I spent yesterday visiting Granny, Judy & Cindy.
Oh, and this cute little guy:
This would be Rocky.
Rocky is a Schitzu and Maltese mix. a/k/a malshi.
He is precious!
Here is another shot with Cindy in the background.
I love his cool face markings. He has a perfect mask across his eyes.
I told her Zorro would have been a cute name for him too!
She loved it and decided to make Zorro his middle name. =)
I'm happy that he is bringing her so much joy.
She truly deserves some joy in her life!

Last night (Valentine's Day night) we went out to eat with friends in Batesville.
Colton's was the restaurant of choice and it was very good.

Moving on to today, I went to church and took more photos afterwords for the directory.
Came home and got in on the Round Robin scrap over at SIStv.
It was very fun. I had never participated before, but hope to again sometime.
Here is my creation:
This was a picture of us from Thanksgiving that I had been wanting to scrap.
The gist of the game is this: the hostess posts a page with one or two elements and everyone gets 20 minutes to do their page mimicking their page, and the second person adds an element and posts theirs. The group gets another 20 minutes to add their interpretation, while the next person in line adds another element. It goes on till everyone has the chance to add something. Confusing sounding I know, but it is loads of fun!
My addition on this one was the title. I felt like I was on a roll, so I decided to keep on scrapping!
I broke out my new Retro Modern collection and scrapped this photo of my friends/co-workers and I at our Christmas reception.
I love this picture!
I love this collection too!
I totally recommend it.
That groovy ribbon flower was sent to me by Jann Gray. Is it not adorable?
I thought it was perfect for this page too.

This gorgeous sunset was a nice ending to a great weekend.
Tomorrow is a holiday.
I will be working though because we use this holiday as a "banked" holiday for the Christmas vacation.


ncwdust said...

Love what you scrapped...I really love the photo of us....cool stuff!

Karla Rush said...

You are just so talented....If I could have just the talent in your pinkie, I'd be happy!