More Ice Storm drama

What a difference a day makes!
This is day two of the ice storm...the worst day.
From Tuesday until Wednesday meant more ice and then a covering of snow.
We had no power or phone.
Many people were even out of water.
Lots of people are still without power even as I type this a week after the storm began!

On Wednesday morning I looked out my window to the following images:
This fella' was our saving grace for three days minus over a hundred dollars in gas, which we waited 2 hours in line for on Thursday.
We were even able to take a quick warm shower with him powering our little household.
Thank you Mr. Lincoln Welder and Hubs who is a wizard at all things electric and getting things done.
We headed out early bundled up in our Carhartt coveralls (Yes I was quite fly!)
and chainsaws. The power company trucks were already lining up to assess the huge undertaking they had ahead.
We headed over to our friends who live WaaaaaaAAAAy back in the woods and holy moly the roads were covered with timber!
Their neighbor down the road (pictured on the tractor) had already cleared from his house to the main road and he helped us (or Hubs) clear on to their driveway.Here is their driveway.
Amazing huh?

The wild part was we heard another chainsaw and it was our friend Tony on the other side working toward us. Evidently he had been up since first light to start working out with his tractor and a chainsaw.

This picture is hubs and Tony trying to cut through.
You can barely see them!

As beautiful & sparkly as the ice looks, it has literally left no timber unharmed.
It has made our gorgeous country so ugly in only a 24 hour period!
I am totally amazed at the destruction.

The f5 tornado that plagued my hometown and surrounding area almost one year ago was very destructive and left many people devastated - nothing compares to losing one's home I would not think. But this ice storm has affected every single person in my region. Heck across several states even.

How could something so disastrous still hold such beauty?
After we left there, we headed to town to search out gas for the welder.
Us and everyone else!
We sat in line for two hours at the bulk gas plant that had power.
It was worth it though, because it was my night to shower! :)

That about covers Thursday.

Stay tuned for Friday.


Deanna said...

we had a storm like that a little over a year ago. our trees are still all snarled up from it. it reall is amazing what some frozen water can do!!!
so glad you guys are ok, though.
hang in there!!

Lynne said...

That's amazing...not necessarily in a good way. But I will say that the pictures are beutiful. It would be interesting to see pictures when sping comes for the difference of before and after the ice storm. Thank goodness for generators!