I've been given an award!

One of my favorite bloggers and a friend from school, whom I have connected with via the world wide web, awarded me as a Kreativ Blogger!
What can I say except:
"Wow and thanks Lynne!"

You must check out Our Piece of the Pie, Lynne's blog and see her gorgeous kiddos!
While you are at it, look at her breathtaking photography.
Stunning, I tell you!

Now, apparently I'm supposed to list six things and six blogs I love. Well, obviously I could just give the award right back to Lynne, as she does have a blog I love to check out several times a week, but I really don't know the proper manners for such awards, and it seems a little silly & redundant to give it back.

Therefore I'll award the following blogs:
Karla Marla
Another Day
Old Lady in a Teenager
Dandelion Wishes
Jeanie's blogs
I also adore Kayla Aimee's blogs, her Shifting Sand is one of my faves but she has gone private for awhile, so I've been missing her faith based & inspirational posts.

Gosh there are so many it is hard to narrow down to SIX!

Things I love:
1. God & my faith.
2. my family
3. friends
4. capturing the little moments in life.
5. Spring
6. my furbaby Angus!


Karla Rush said...

Thanks for sharing the award! I always love checking your blog. It is so inspiring to me.

Lynne said...

Your blog is fantastaic - I love your creativity!